Animal Jam and how the membership works

If you are a die hard Jammer you should know what membership it's and how much important that is. While having membership you will constantly get gems and diamonds, but maybe you know that you have to pay in order to have animal jam membership and have better abilities than regular players. In this article i will inform you more about adventures especially for the adventure called The Hive. Usually i played all adventures until i meet up with this one, since that day until now i only keep playing this one. First of all when you start The Hive Adventure you will get to know some basic informations from Cosmo, after you understand these informations you will be able to explore more and more. In order to pass through this adventure you will battle Phantom Webs and Phantom Pods with the only reason to destroy them to pass through them. The Cave you will explore it's dark and will limit how far you will see things, fortunately for you there are torches that you can carry to help you increase viewing distance or you can light up Fire Drums.

Completing The Hive adventure will give you few great rewards Animal Passages which are two elephant and horse passage, while the elephant passage can be unlocked in normal mode but for horse passage we can't say the same thing since you have to play in hard mode to unlock it. You will get Elephant Only Gate Prizes as bunny hat, clover blanket, knight helmet, necklace, spiked hair, tiara and many more prizes as we mentioned only the famous ones.

With our tool that we developed you will be able to generate gems and diamonds for free in animal jam, not forgetting that since the last update of our tool now you can generate membership for your account too same with resources without spending any money in them. With the diamonds you will get from us you will be able to get the rarest animals and pets in the game.